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Top 5 après ski entertaining tips

Nothing says a well-spent great Canadian winter day better than skiing, friends, and getting together by the fire afterwards. Enjoy coming in from the cold after a long day hitting the slopes with these five après ski tips

1. Cultivate the cozy . Count on guests wanting to change into something softer, looser, and comfy after a day in ski gear. Offer cozy slippers, fleece robes or onesies, and plenty of fuzzy blankets for those who want some extra warmth.

2. Serve special winter drinks . Treat guests to local Canadian beer made for the cooler months, like Granville Island Brewing's Lions Winter Ale. With complex layers of vanilla, cocoa, and caramel, this brew is nicely balanced so the sweeter flavours don't overwhelm. Perfect with cream-based soups and other winter comfort foods, or add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a hip beer float.

3. Fireplace fragrance . Kick up your fireplace or bonfire game a notch with pinecone fire starters. You can find complete instructions online, but this easy craft essentially involves dipping pinecones in scented candle wax that release a delightful aroma when you toss them in the fire.

4. Tasty treats . Choose laid back comfort foods that everyone knows and loves, like chocolate or cheese fondue, buttermilk biscuits, bread pudding, hearty soups, and creamy pastas. Find easy make-ahead recipes or make your place the home base and encourage a potluck family-style meal where everyone drops something off before heading out.

5. Don't forget the décor . Deck your halls with decorations that fit the theme. String lights everywhere for a winter wonderland feel and add rustic touches like tea lights in mason jars. Or go the DIY route by painting a pair of old wooden skis in funky colours and patterns and hang them on your wall.




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