A famous saying claims: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” But in bicycle-friendly cities like in Toronto, Canada, it can also easily be claimed: “Show me, or tell me about, your bicycle and I will tell you who you are.” Christine Bruce, a Kingston, Ontario-based bicycle commuter and author, did just that – and has unearthed interesting tales.

“So it started with me volunteering at a valet bike parking event,” as she explained. The group of volunteers she was part of set up a pen where Torontonians were encouraged to safely park their bikes and leave their cars at home. This bicycle babysitting service took away commuters’ fears of having their bike stolen.

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I can think of no better way to launch than with an interview with world explorer and pioneering adventurer Mike Horn. I sat down with him in January 2014 during his visit to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Horn spoke about his pioneering expeditions and the need to preserve the planet.

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